Late abortions skyrocket in Vic

A Vic Govt report released three years later in Aug 2012, showed that in 2009 there were 410 late abortions, carried out more than halfway though pregnancy.

This  compares with 296 in 2008 - a 38.5% increase. 50% were for psycho/social reasons. 42 babies were born alive and as unwanted, left to die after birth.

“The 2009 Report of the Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity has now been published and demonstrates that late abortions have skyrocketed after the Victorian 2008 Abortion Law Reform Act,” said Dr. Katrina Haller, Senior Executive Officer of The Right to Life Australia.

“The Report provides the numbers of abortions done after 20 weeks gestation, that is half way through pregnancy. In 2009, there were 410 late abortions compared with 296 in 2008,” she said in dismay.

“This is a 38.5% increase compared with the 2008 figures. Over half - 214 - were for maternal psychosocial indications. The other 196 late abortions were done for congenital abnormalities. Of the latter, 42 babies were born alive and presumably left to die. These babies were discriminated against on the grounds of a disability, and instead of being given medical help when they were born alive, they seem to have been neglected to death,” she added.

“Every abortion is a tragedy. If so many pregnant women have “psychosocial indications” why are they not referred to psychologists, social workers or psychiatrists? Why kill the baby because you are anxious instead of dealing with the anxiety using psychological, social, or psychiatric therapies? Then nobody would have to die.” Surely we can offer pregnant women something better.

Dr Haller welcomed the comment on page 10 of the Report - ‘Support should be provided for strategies to increase awareness in the community of the importance of seeking treatment for mental health disorders especially associated with pregnancy.’

The Right to Life Australia calls for all babies born alive to be given medical help, like premature babies, so they can be adopted by people who want them.

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Tara Nipe was a candidate for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party for the Eastern Metropolitan Region in the recent Victorian election. Her party’s popularity is such that it gained 0.87% of the vote in that region. After Tara and her fellow VEP candidate were eliminated the VEP votes were passed on in turn to Fiona Patten’s Reason Party, the Animal Justice Party and the Liberal Democrats remaining undistributed as the final seat was filled by the Transport Matters Party. (Preliminary results as at 4 December at:

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The Right to Life Australia Inc. defends the right to life of all human beings from conception until natural death. We lobby government for legal protection of the most vulnerable in society – the unborn baby, elderly, sick and those with disabilities. Right to Life Australia provides free counselling to women facing crisis pregnancies.  We are non-party political and non-denominational.

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