WHO says abortion NOT safe

Big news from World Health Organisation!
For years we have been told of the importance of making abortion available in third world countries. To make it "safe and legal" is the catchcry. This was the main theme at various UN conferences about population control etc. Now the World Health Organisation has declared "on the basis of evidence from around the world that abortion can be legally permitted and yet be extremely dangerous to the lives and health of women".


Belgium's children not safe from Euthanasia

The news of the Belgian Parliament sanctioning the killing of patients (that is now applied to adults)- so that it can apply to children over the age of 12 with a terminal illness, is a day of shame for that country.  Belgium - a country that has lived through two world wars with all the killing that that entailed, has a very short memory. 
 Belgians have forgotten the euthanasia programmes practiced by their Nazi would-be oppressors.  Already adult euthanasia numbers have skyrocked with over 50% of patiens being put down without their consent. God help the sick children!   Margaret Tighe PRESIDENT  

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Hospital $ linked to Advance Care Plans

“If the well known entertainer Molly Meldrum had signed an Advance Care Plan, he would not be alive today, yet he suffered an extremely life threatening injury and was not expected to live,”  said Dr Katrina Haller, Chief Executive Officer of the Right to Life Australia.


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Stop "Victorian style" abortion in QLD election 2015

Right to Life Australia warns Queenslanders about the issue of abortion in the lead up to the state election on Sat 31 January 2015.
The practice of abortion is alive and well in Queensland.  Of all ALP women candidates up for election this week, 14 are members of EMILY’s List so they are committed to vote in Parliament for the complete decriminalisation of abortion i.e. abortion at any stage of pregnancy up till birth! (as in Victoria and A.C.T).   Do not vote for the following EMILY's List candidates :   


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